Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Nesting Phase

I think my Nesting phase has finally begun...

Yesterday, hubby and I took down all of our curtains in the living/dining room and washed them. While doing this, I did dishes, cleaned the actual inside of the windows (thanks to Blaze for his wonderful slobbers), hubby pulled out the couch and end tables and vacuumed and dusted. Now, I am ready to start washing all of the baby clothes, blankets, towels, etc. that we have. Also, I have lots of things that need to go to Go.od.wil.l so we can get them out of our office.

The next step....clean my refrigerator. My shelves are pretty much disgusting. I mean, there is no reason for them to be as dirty as they are. I also would like to go through hubby's part of the closet and get rid of clothes that he does not wear anymore. I am sure he would love me for

Yes, I am supposed to be taking it semi-easy right now, but seriously, I have a lot of sh*t to do before I can't do it anymore! Hopefully, that time will not come and my blood pressure and protein issues will control themselves a bit more, but until then, I need to get as much done as I possibly can before I can't. And that's honestly my fear...that I am not going to be ready for this baby when he decides to make an appearance. Or, the Dr. decides for him.

We still have a lot of things we need to get. There are a lot of things that need to be organized in the nursery. Car seats need to be installed in the vehicles. Which, by the way, can now be done because hubby was adament about having seat protectors in both of our vehicles before the car seat bases were installed. :) We purchased those this weekend.

I also did not have one receiving blanket in my possession. Lots and lots of regular blankets, but none that were receiving blankets, so I purchased a couple packages with about 4 in each at K.oh.l's yesterday with my mom, so we have a good amount to get us going now. There are still other items that I need to get, but I have got to make me a list. I think that will be my task for the rest of this week. Going through everything to wash and making a list of what we still need.

I am definitely starting to get nervous. We have "possibly" 6 weeks left. Yikes!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

34 Week Dr. Appt....

So I had my Dr. appt for, well, almost 34 weeks. I will be 34 weeks on Thursday. It did not go so well. Not horribly, but not the greatest either.

I have been having quite a bit of swelling in my feet and during the night my right hand/arm falls asleep and when I wake up, I have the carpal tunnel type feelings. Well, today was my Dr. appointment. I am measuring right around 34/35cm and have gained a total of 30lbs. (Im totally thinking some of that is due to the

My blood pressure was a little bit higher than it ever has been. I was around 142/86. This apparently did not make my Dr. very happy. He informed me that I have to come back next week. We will be monitoring a little more closely. I was supposed to have one more 2 week interval, but oh well. I would rather be safe than sorry. I also had some protein in my urine and he did not like that too much either.

I was also told that I needed to inform my boss that I very well might be off work before I actually go into labor. We will be playing it by ear. I am sure she will love Oh well! I would rather have a healthy, happy baby than anything else. It will all work out!

I am still looking for a sitter. I refuse to pay for a full-time daycare when we only need's a little frustrating.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

33 weeks and counting :)

I can't believe that Christmas has been here and already passed!! It seriously just seems like yesterday we found out we were, we are right around the corner from getting to meet our little man!

We have had a truly blessed Christmas this year. We truly did not want/need anything really for ourselves, we had told everyone that we just wanted things for the baby. Well, of course, you know that never flies! So, our two big gifts for us this year were a video camera from FIL and MIL and Glider with Ottoman from my mom and dad. Fantastic!

I will be working on doing some deep cleaning in the house this week while I have a few days off from work. I am also going to start washing baby clothes, socks, blankets, towels/washcloths, etc.

I have started packing a bag for him, but need to start one for me now too :) I still can't believe how close we are getting! 6 1/2 weeks is going to fly by I am sure.

Friday, December 18, 2009 have what??

I totally thought that I was going to be one of those lucky few who gets to skip this whole part of pregnancy. However, that is of course too good to be true. I have cankles. You know, when your ankles look like part of your calves?? Yea, I have them. Of course, not as bad in the mornings, but by the time I get off work, man oh man are they huge. The swelling pretty much just started Monday. Merry Christmas to me!

This definitely puts a damper on my evenings at the present. I am trying to get my Christmas shopping done (yes, I am a procrastinator) and it isn't going too well. I was pretty much hobbling around everywhere last night and gave up after just getting a few gift cards. I am going to try to go again tonight since I get off work an hour earlier on Fridays. Hopefully I will be able to move my ankles and not look like I am waddling too bad :)

I am sure that I will have to finish my shopping over the weekend, but that's okay. If I have to start early in the morning before the ankles swell, that's what I will do :)

Hands aren't swelling too bad. I stopped wearing my wedding ring the day after my shower in fear that we would have to cut it off my finger. It started to get a little tight, so I wanted to be safe rather than sorry. I feel naked without it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh, Im supposed to stay on two feet??

So...I have decided that I am going to try to get to know all of the other Dr's in my normal OB's office before this baby comes. Of course, this is not by choice. However, my body seems to think that it's a necessity. I disagree!

Yesterday we were celebrating Christmas with our work. We were setting all of the food up that everyone brought in and I was heading around the little island to set up my cheese ball. As I walked around the corner my feet flew out from underneath me and I landed on my back/hip. I think it knocked the breath out of me a little bit and of course it scared the crap out of me.

I called the Dr. shortly after (which of course, Tuesdays are my Dr.'s day off) and the nurse that was covering phone calls told me I needed to come in and do a Non-Stress test just to make sure all is well.

Non-stress test was fine for the most part. He was moving around pretty good and his heartbeat was normal range. However, those darn contractions were back. I honestly did not feel these one bit! Of course, they wanted to check my cervix. All is well in cervical land other than every single Dr. or nurse who messes with my cervix has to hunt for it for a couple minutes until they finally find it. I am still all closed up (phew!) so they sent me home and told me to make sure I rested.

Man am I sore today. My back is killing me and my left butt cheek is hurting pretty badly too. I went to see my Dr. for a regular 2 week appointment and the baby's heartbeat is still going strong. I am only measuring 1 week ahead this week, so he didn't seem too worried about that. I have now gained a total of 25lbs. And everything else seems to be a-ok!

I have completed one task for this week...I found a pediatrician! Hooray! Mark one off the list. Now, if I could just get my dang Christmas shopping done!! I still have so much to do! The swollen feet at the end of the day are not helping this situation :(

Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend of Childbirth Class!

Hubby and I had an absolutely wonderful weekend! It was fantastic! Our Prepared Childbirth class went exceptionally well. The instructor we had was hilarious and we got a lot of great information to help us prepare for Aiden's upcoming arrival!

I was really excited with hubby's reaction to everything. Everytime we watched a video with cute little babies, his face lit up so much and I could just see him out of the corner of my eye grinning from ear to ear! I think that was the highlight of my weekend. :)

Saturday night, we did a little more shuffling of things in closets to help make room for Aiden's things. Moved clothes we had been storing back into our closet space, sheets into the top of the office closet, cleaned out the toy box (full of sheets...) and put all of the toys we received from the shower in there. We are getting closer to being a little more prepared for his arrival. We even bought a package of diapers yesterday to get going. We are going to try to start buying every time we go to the store. I have some coupons, so that makes it a little better.

I have another Dr. appointment this week, on Wednesday. He told me last time that since I measured 2cm ahead, he would keep an eye on me and make sure I dont keep measuring bigger than what I should be. If I do, we will have to do an ultrasound just to make sure he is not getting too big :) Yay for another ultrasound! I would like to get another peak at him before we see him come into the world. We shall see!

My goal for this week, is to find a pediatrician and call some sitters. These are the two things that I really need to get going on. It makes me nervous not knowing who will be watching my baby once I have to go back to work :( I would rather it be me, but that is just not financially possible at this point. He would only have to go part-time. No more than 3 hours a day M-F, so that's good. Hubby is on 2nds, so he has agreed that he will be keeping him with him until he has to go to work :) Fantastic! Saves some money I guess!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh what fun!

It should be a fun-filled weekend for hubby and I. I am sure he is just super ecstatic to be doing what we are going to be doing.

..................................................Prepared Childbirth Classes!!!.........................

Haha! I for one am actually pretty excited. I want to get as much information as I can possibly obtain before little Aiden graces us with his presence. Yes, we still have a little while, but that is beside the point. I want to be prepared. Well, as prepared as I can be given every situation is different. I think hubby is actually excited, no matter how much he doesn't want to admit it :) We will see how it goes. We get to be at the hospital from 12-5 on Saturday and Sunday both.

And has anyone ever attended any LaLeche League meetings? I am thinking about attending one in my area and wanted some input. I need to get as much information about breastfeeding as I possibly can. Because dangit, I want it to work for us! There is a meeting coming up Tuesday evening that I am thinking about going to. I think it will be beneficial for me.

On another note.....I need to get my Christmas shopping done! I have four of my nieces and nephews done, but other than that, nada. I have several people that I need to buy for. Maybe we can get some of that done this weekend now that we actually have a little bit of extra money. We shall see!

So much to do with so little time!! I started a list for things that I think I might need before the baby gets here. Oh and by the way....Dreft....that shit is expensive!! I need to find me some coupons! Has anyone used anything else that works just as well? Possibly for a better price?

Well, I will update after the weekend on how our classes went! Until then, everyone enjoy your weekend!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Belly shots and Baby Shower!

So I said that I would post them....a long time ago it seems. When my computer crashed, I lost a few pictures, so what you see is what you get at this point :) The wonderful belly shots are here! (there's only two of them, so dont get too
I am only around 19 weeks in this picture. But there is definitely a nice little bump :) The next picture was taken this past Sunday at my baby shower. Sorry I dont have one by myself with a side view, so this one will have to do :)
I am of course 30 weeks and 3 days in this picture. Feeling pretty good at this point! I've gained 18 lbs so far. Not too bad of a weight gain :) It's definitely all in the belly region!
And now, here are a couple more pictures from the shower on Sunday.
If you look closely, you can tell that the "roses" are actually little socks. The washcloth suckers are between the mints and nuts and then of course, MIL had to make personalized candy bar wrappers for each place :)
As I said earlier, it was a great shower and I am so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate with us! We are truly blessed :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby Shower!!

I have had a fabulous weekend! My college roommate from my freshman year, who was also my Maid of Honor at my wedding, was in for the weekend. She is from Northern Indiana, so therefore it was quite a drive for her to get here. We had an excellent weekend shopping and just spending time together. She is fabulous!

But of course, she was down here for a specific reason. My baby shower! Yay! I'm not going to lie. It was a bit awkward being the center of attention after going through so much just to get to this point. However, it was fantastic! There were so many people who came to help us celebrate! We have been blessed with lots of outfits and blankets and all things baby to get us started! :)

I have already begun putting things in their proper places. Clothes in the closet, blankets on the shelves, booties and onesies in the drawers. And I still have lots of items to put away! I am so incredibly thankful for everything!

My MIL and SIL were the ones who threw the shower for me. They did a fantastic job with everything. Sock bouquets were made for each table along with washcloth suckers :) Blue punch and a wonderful cake! I will try to post pictures tonight.

We have started to put things together now too. Hubby is super anxious to get everything together as soon as possible. This would include things like the high chair (which won't be needed for quite some time), the swing/infant seat/rocker combo we got, and our wonderful travel system. All have been put together now because he just can't wait to get his hands on that stuff :) His eyes have lit up every time we get something else put together. We are running out of room for this stuff in the nursery because I still have things that I need to go through and put away.

Next project....washing the bedding and putting it all in the crib! :) And then washing lots of blankets and clothes. Anyone have any advice as to what is truly needed for that first little bit of time with a new baby? I am wanting to get a list put together so we can start marking things off. Thanks!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Words cannot express my sorrow

My heart is breaking right now for a certain person in the blogging world. She and her husband received some horrible news this week in regards to their adoption they had been looking forward to and anticipating. Words can not express how much I feel for them right now.

I would link her blog, but it is definitely not the appropriate time for that. Especially since we know each other personally and not just through blogland.

If you know who I am talking about, please keep her and her husband in your prayers as they fight through this situation. I can not even imagine what they are going through right now.

**B, I am thinking about you and K. I am so incredibly sorry. Words can not express how much my heart is breaking for you. We love you.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No GD! No GD! No GD!

I am in the clear for the time being. My Dr. is not worried about me having Gestational Diabetes, which is really good. That means that I really dont have to watch what I eat!! Mmmmm apple pie! (that has been my craving for months now and I have only enjoyed it a couple of times)

However, I do kind of have to watch that I am not eating foods that are high in fat. My Dr. seems to think that it really is my gull bladder that has been acting up, especially since the Pro.ton.ix has not done anything for my pain on my right side below my rib cage. I am supposed to just keep monitoring it for the time being. I guess there really isn't a whole lot they can do at this point. So his only suggestion was to watch the foods that are high in fat at this point.

I have only gained about 18 lbs at this point, which is good, because it's all baby :) and uterus, and probably amniotic fluid, etc. However, today I am measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. So instead of measuring 30 weeks, I am measuring 32 weeks. This is the first occurence for this, so again, we will keep monitoring and if I keep measuring ahead then we will get another ultrasound of our little man to make sure all is well and he isnt getting too big in there! Of course, hubby is all proud of the fact that "his boy is getting big" while I waddle around and need help getting up off the couch and he laughs at me. (He's a turd like that)

So, things are going well. I can't believe there are only about 10 weeks left of this pregnancy! It blows my mind. Looking forward to spending time with friends and family on Sunday at my shower!! :)