Monday, July 12, 2010

6 months already?!?! Where has the time gone?? has been a long time since my last post. A lot has happened since then too! Where the heck do I begin??

We are 6 months now!!! A turned 6 months on the 5th of July! He finally decided that he could roll from his belly to his back before getting too ticked off for being on his belly. However, once he is on his back, he is perfectly content to just stay there. He will roll to either side, but has yet to go from his back to his belly. He will get there one of these days!! :)

We have begun solid foods. We started these around 5 months. He is very interested in everything that mommy and daddy are eating and drinking, so he is enjoying having something else to taste other than breastmilk throughout the day! He has enjoyed carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, and peaches so far. My child is not much on the cereal front, but he is getting better!

The newest development...we are starting to sit up unassisted. Well, in the tripod position. This includes making sure his arms are helping to keep him stable in between his legs when sitting up, but we are getting there! I can't believe it!

We had our 6 month checkup today. Here are our stats:
Weight - 18lb. .5oz - 57th percentile
Height - 27in. - 67th percentile
And of course, we had to get a few more shots. My heart breaks every time! I can't hardly bear to see him cry after the shots.

And son has managed to, at 6 months old, get kicked out of the sitter's. How you may ask? First off, lets keep in mind the sitter only had to watch him 3 hours a day 4 days a week. The rest of the time he is with my husband and on Fridays, my MIL watches him. Well, the friday before the 4th, I am informed by my sitter than she "just can't do it anymore". She said that he required way too much of her attention and wanted to be held too much and it wasn't fair to the other kids. Lets also keep in mind that she had no other children under the age of 18 months. All are able to walk and feed themselves and pretty much keep themselves entertained, for the most part. So, since my son required a little bit of extra attention, he was ousted.

I, of course, decided that I really don't want my son going there anyway if she felt that a 6 month old (who actually wasnt even 6 mos yet) required too much attention. I don't know about you guys, but I don't really want my child laying in a pack and play the entire time he is at the sitter's. So, I now have someone coming into our home, whom I trust dearly, giving him all the attention he could possibly want for the time being :) This is until she has to go back to college in the fall. Which means I have to continue looking for a more permanent solution. But, it got my son out of the old sitter's house quickly!

Sorry I have not updated in such a long time. I also have to mention that I had a recent job change. As in, the 6th of July, started with another agency. Still doing social work, case management, but with another agency. Hoping this will be a nice change for a while :) Until next time!