Monday, August 31, 2009

My going to be a wonderful daddy

We only have 3 more weeks until our Anatomy scan!! I can't wait to see our beautiful baby on the screen again :) And, of course, we will hopefully be finding out the sex!! I am soo excited for the day to come! I am sure the three weeks are going to drag, but then again, things will be picking up at work (I am hopefully moving into a new position! yay!) and Marching Band contests begin on the 12th! So, I am sure it will actually end up coming really quickly.

We spent the afternoon over at my mom and dad's yesterday. I love my mom's home cooked meals. We had beef roast with potatoes, cooked carrots, green beans, rolls, and one of my faves, cottage cheese :) lol. Yum, it was delicious! My mom and dad were watching my brother's kids (my neice, 5, and nephew, 2). My nephew had fallen asleep on the way home from church, so arrived to the table late after a nap. When told that he had to eat before going outside, he only wanted to sit on his Uncle's lap and eat. And of course, decided that his Uncle G needed to help him eat his carrots, so he decided to shove one in his mouth :)

After lunch, we took the kiddos to the park down the street from my parents. My nephew, again, only wanted to hold his uncle G's hand walking down the street. It's a beautiful sight, seeing a grown man pretty much do anything for a little one. Hubby was like a big kid playing with my neice and nephew. One main comment that was made, from hubby, " I can't wait til our baby gets here and I can do all of this with him/her as he/she gets older." My response, "You are going to be an awesome daddy".

I was literally teary-eyed a couple times watching him play with my niece and nephew. It was fabulous. Now, if we can just make a decision on baby furniture ;).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

15 week Dr. appointment

I had my Dr. appointment this morning. Not much more to update. I have only gained 1 lb. My Dr. doesn't seem to worried about it at this point. I had a little bit of sugar in my urine, but he didn't seem too concerned about that right now either. I guess they will monitor me every appointment just to make sure until my Glucose test is done.

We got to hear the heartbeat again, which was at a steady 150 bpm. I breathed a sigh of relief when he finally found it. The baby is up a little higher than what he had thought when he was first trying to listen.

We go back on the 21st of September for the Anatomy Scan!! Yay!! The next four weeks are going to creep by soooo slowly! We are really ready to find out what we are having. Come on September!! :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A little background for ICLW

I'm thinking that maybe I should give a little background in case people dont want to search for it on my blog :) I know we are already a couple days into ICLW, but I feel like I need to let you all in (for those who don't normally read) on our "little journey".

It's obviously been a rough ride. There are parts that I hope I never have to go back to. I know that our journey has not been as rough as others, but we have faced our own battles. We are all, unfortunately, in this together at some point or another. I am sure that I have lost a few readers along the way now that I have crossed that rickety old bridge and made it to the other side. However, I know that I will NEVER be a normal pregnant woman. I will have that fear throughout my whole pregnancy of 'what if'. So, on with our journey.

Hubby and I started TTC about 2 months after we were married. Looking back, I am sooo glad we started when we did, because we would have never discovered our issues as soon as we did.

My Gynecologist first put me on the Clomid challenge after having me chart my BBT for a few months. When that didn't work, I was referred to my RE. My RE did the basic testing and sent me for an HSG. Which, ended up being not so successful. I was then scheduled for a Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy where I was diagnosed with Endometriosis (March 08). The plan? IUI cycles. We were only able to do two cycles because our Insurance did not cover IF. We then found that hubby had abnormal morphology. One more thing to add to our list.

Since we were out of funds, we could not move on to IVF. We decided to take a break. Of course, my cycle decided to be a pain in the butt again in April. I was put on Prometrium to get things back on track. Two weeks later, still nothing. Prometrium for a second time. Positive blood test on June 26th. Really? Yea, we were in total shock.

So, here we are today. In the middle of my 15th week and still so extremely excited and blessed. Honestly, I still can't believe that it finally happened for us, after 2 1/2 years. As I said earlier, I know that 2 1/2 years is not that long, but it was a struggle. A struggle to deal, to get out of bed and face the day sometimes. I will always be IF. I have been there, I understand. And it sucks. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It takes you through Hell and back and sometimes you are there several different times. I am still fighting for everyone else who is fighting their own battle.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

15 weeks!!

We have another week under our belts! Whoo hoo!!! It feels good to say that we are almost to the point of knowing what we will be having and also to the point of feeling my little peanut give some little flutters :) I am pretty excited about that.

Dr. appointment on Tuesday. I have absolutely no idea what they are going to do. It would be really nice to get an ultrasound, but I'm not sure they will be doing one. We will see!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The constant financial worrying

I am getting to the point where I am starting to worry a little bit. My worry mostly comes about when I am dealing with our finances. Shocking right? I think we all worry about finances at some time or another in our lives.

It feels like things just keep adding up and our savings just keeps slowly dwindling down. And of course, we decided that we needed to get new carpet in most of the house, so that is taking a nice little chunk of our money out of savings. I don't like that feeling.

I have always had a fear of not being able to make ends meet and end up where my parents did my freshman year of college. Losing our home. I know that we just need to start saving a little bit more and we will be fine, but it is a constant fear that I have. It's hard to shake when you have lived through losing your childhood home and everything you thought was safe.

Hubby and I have worked hard to make sure we are living the life that we wanted. I want to start working even harder because now we have to prepare for this little one to enter our lives. I am excited about the new carpet :) I know that it is something we needed to do before the baby arrives. It will be in next Wednesday!

We received an unexpected check in the mail from hubby's life insurance the other day, which was nice because we are going to use that toward baby furniture. We also have been saving up our change and are going to put that toward the furniture also. So, that will be less that will have to come out of our paychecks and/or savings! That makes me really happy.

Now, if I can just start giving my hubby an allowance every week, we might be able to save a little bit more money. You think I can get away with that?? ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

14 Weeks Today!

If you have looked at my ticker, you will see that today marks my 14 weeks. The end of the first trimester and on to the second :) I'm excited. I'm ready for that time when everyone says you get a second wind once the second trimester starts. one and I am not feeling it We shall see!

I still get super hungry in between meals. I have been drinking lots of milk and orange juice (yay for me!) and eating lots of fruit. I need to work on eating a little bit healthier at meal times. Im trying...but it's hard when you have a limited amount of time to fix something at most meals.

I received a notice in the mail Tuesday that my appointment for the 19th was cancelled due to my Dr. not being in the office. So of course, when I call, they have nothing left for the rest of the week and now I have to wait until the 25th to see him again. I just want to know that the little guy/girl is doing alright.

We are putting in new carpet in the house. I had a family friend come out and do measurements and prices for me last night and it's really not too bad. I'm actually kind of excited that hopefully we wont have to worry about Blaze's nails getting caught in the loops and making any more snags :) Whoo hoo! We have had a huge run in the middle of our living room floor (covered by an area rug) for at least 2 1/2 years now made from Blaze having fun with a snag. And the carpet we have right now is almost white. So, of course, stains show up waaaaay too easily. Yay for a new project!!

We had two more pregnancy announcements over the weekend on DH's side of the family. However, both are apparently only a few weeks along. And Sunday night, when we got home, we found out that one has already lost hers. She's just now a senior in high thoughts will stay to myself on that one.

So...this Christmas will be super busy for DH's dad's side of the family. B will have her baby!!!! (Ah, soooo excited for them!!!) We have one that was born about 2 months ago and then three of us will be expecting. It will be a madhouse, but in a good way, hopefully! :)

Not much else to report...colorguard is keeping me busy yet again! Our practices are in full swing now and the show is coming along pretty well! It's definitely giving me exercise!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Anxiously awaiting the next appointment...

Life has been a little crazy around here lately. Sorry I haven't updated for a while! Last week I was consumed with teaching colorguard for our band camp the entire week. Every night that I came home, I was so exhausted I didn't even hardly get on the internet.

Things are staying about the same. I made sure to not overdue it last week in the warm sun and the booster parents were pretty good about making sure I was taking care of myself.

Hubby is ready to start buying our furniture. Me? I'm still a little hesitant. He was adament about going to yesterday and getting at least a crib, well, it didn't happen. They have run out of the furniture that we had picked out and are discontinuing it. I still would like to wait a little bit longer before we make any big purchases of baby things. It makes me nervous and very anxious.

I just can't seem to get over the nervous feeling. Also, the anxiety that something I have done or not done has caused something to go wrong and I just don't know it yet. It's a constant nagging fear that I do not enjoy. I will never be a normal fertile person. I don't think it's possible. As many others have said, even though we move on to pregnancy we never forget where we came from and everything we have been through. It's still extremely scary and nerve wrecking not knowing from appointment to appointment what is going on.

I don't go back to my OB until August 19th. That's a long way away. I will be almost 15 weeks by then. Only one day shy. I got the impression that we won't find out what we are having until I go in for the 20 week Anatomy scan.

I am still wearing my normal clothes. I really need to take pictures of my belly because it has grown, but not a whole lot. Still just a little bit of a pooch. Nothing major.

Well, I do believe that is it for now. I'm trying to make sure that I have as little stress as possible in my life at this point. I am now back to my regular big kid job today...blah! I still need a change. We shall see...