Monday, February 13, 2012

Helping out Family!'s been a while again. But I'm back with kind of a plea! If any of you remember Bon, from I Can Haz Bebe?, or even if you don't, they are trying desperately to complete their family. Back in 2010, they adopted a little girl, and are now trying to bring home twins in March. They amount they have left to raise is for their travelling expenses. I believe it's about $3000. This week, they have been selected to be the feature family at Please go and check out their story and while you are there, click on over to their video! Anything you can give will help them get that much closer to bringing home their twins in March! Thank you!!

And an update on my sister...she is doing great! She had her surgery back on January 6th and they felt that they were able to get everything with the double mastectomy. She has been going back pretty much on a weekly basis for the reconstruction. She will begin Chemotherapy in March and will go through 4 rounds of treatment. She is doing very well! So happy to report that :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's going to be a rough road...

An update on my big sister...

She had to be at UNC on Wednesday to meet with all of her Dr.s. They were at the hospital from 8 in the morning until almost 6:30 that night. They were informed that she would be having a tentative surgery date of January 6th (my birthday). However, she had to go back on Thursday to have minor surgery. They removed 6 lymph nodes underneath her left arm to test and see if the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes. We pray that it has not. This will determine what approach the Dr.s will have on her surgery date. They won't know these results until the 21st of Dec. So we wait again.

Really hoping they may decide to come home since her surgery isn't until January. It would be great to see them. And I am pretty sure it would probably be good for her too. Well, the whole family actually. I guess we will see.

On another note...I have almost made it through my first week back to work. It's been a little nervewrecking. Have called the sitter a couple times to check on my little guy. Had to inform them yesterday that he is only 7 weeks old, therefore still too little to be on a set schedule. They asked if I wanted them to keep him awake when the older kids woke up from nap. It's really hard to keep a newborn up when they are supposed to sleep quite a bit. I know...we had to do it to get him to remember that day time is for being awake (as much as a newborn is) and night time is for sleeping (somehow he got this mixed up last week...). So, the fact that I had to remind them of this, makes me a little nervous.

On the plus, Fridays are the day they spend most of the time with daddy and then grandma comes to watch them. Yay :) Really wish I could have a family member watch them all the time and not have to worry about a sitter watching them.

So, things are busy around here trying to get my Christmas shopping done...haven't even started wrapping anything. I am still waiting for a few things to come in that I ordered online. Still waiting on our family pictures that I ordered to get here. Everything seems to be on hold. We start family Christmas's this Sunday...yikes.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Back to Life...Back to Reality

Anyone remember that song? Don't ask me who sings it or the rest of the words, because I'm not sure I know the correct words :) But anyway...

I'm back to work. Today. Yes, I have been off for 6 weeks due to having a baybay! Yay! Landon Alan graced us with his presence October 27th at 7:06pm. It was opening pitch of the World Series game. Something that my husband will never forget :) especially since it was his beloved Cardinals. Landon weighed 8lb 40z. and was 20 inches long at just over 2 weeks early.

I had had a Dr appt that morning and my blood pressure was high. I had to wait around for a bit and get it rechecked. It was still a little elevated, so he sent me down to triage to have some labs done. When the labs came back, there was protein in my urine and my bp was still a little high. My Dr. decided our little boy would be here that day. Good thing I had brought my bag!

Everything went great with delivery. Landon latched on like a pro shortly after being cleaned off a little bit and we haven't had any issues with nursing at all! It is like night and day comparing this nursing experience with Aiden's.

I apologize for not updating sooner, but we no longer have a computer at home since we literally do not have any room for one. We plan to get a laptop at some point, but that won't be happening anytime in the near future. So, all of my updating will be from work when I can get the time!

I was so incredibly sad to leave my little man this morning, but the good thing is he gets to stay with daddy until a little after 11 and then goes to the sitter. I guess I am just nervous because of all the issues we had with Aiden's first sitter when he was a baby. I'm sure he will be fine. Which, reminds me, I need to make a phone call :)

On a not so happy sister found out two weeks ago that she has breast cancer. She is 35. Her husband is in the Marines, so therefore, they are down in North Carolina without any family near...not sure all the details, just know that she will have to have a double mastectomy done and will be going through Chemotherapy. She also has 3 young children. Starting next week, I will be getting yearly mammograms per my Dr. Sometimes, life just really sucks. Especially since they won't be able to come home to family for Christmas. If I had more time that I could take off, I would be going to them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

35 weeks...and counting!

This time, I have made it past the day Aiden was born. Things seem to be looking pretty well so far, other than measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I go in for another ultrasound (yay!) on Friday and also see my Dr. afterward. Anxious to see what he will say and how I will be measuring at that time.

I have been going to physical therapy because I have had a lot of trouble with my hips this time. So much so, that sometimes it's hard to walk. It seems to be helping quite a bit. I have been having less pain, which is fantastic. Apparently my pelvis was cockeyed, so we are working to get it realigned. I also have some inflammation around my hip joints and she is working that out too. Again, I seem to be getting better already and I have only seen her twice.

Aiden is at such a fun age right now. He is repeating everything! It is amazing how much this little guy is saying and comprehending. He has started to tell us when he has pooped and peed, which I know could be the start of the "p" training, but I don't want to push anything because he is going to have so many changes in the near future that he just isn't going to understand. So we will see...

Hubby and I are getting really anxious about the pending arrival of #2. I think we are as ready as we are going to be :) The few things we still need are not necessary right off the bat, so I think we are as prepared as we can be. So excited! Until next time!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

33 Weeks

I am 33 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. I am slowly starting to get a little bit nervous/anxious. When I was pregnant with A, right about now was when my blood pressure started to get high and I started to spill protein. I also looked like a big balloon with huge swollen cankles, swollen face and fingers, etc. It was not a pretty sight.

Things seem to be looking much more positive this time around :) I had a bit of a scare about 2 weeks ago with lots of cramping and contracting, but I am pretty sure that I was just a bit dehydrated. They went ahead and gave me some to take as needed. I have only had to take it twice at this point, which is a fantastic thing. Not much swelling hardly at all. Just enough to where I can't really wear my wedding ring now and my shoes are starting to feel a little snug, but other than that, all is looking great in that department! I go back to see my Dr. tomorrow.

I had an interesting/scary dream last night. It was about my Dr. visit. I dreamed that I had went to see him, but right before I did, I had started to notice some bleeding after I had went to the bathroom. So, when he started to check me, he immediately got a worried look on his face. I was in labor and needed to be admitted...yes, I'm a little nervous lol. But it was just a dream, thankfully.

I feel like I probably should start to take it a little easier, but I have been teaching colorguard again and we are getting ready to go in to District contest this weekend and I had to write a whole lot of work to make sure we get a big chunk on the field to end the show with. Even though I am not supposed to be the one writing the work. Had I known sooner that I would end up having to, it would have been written a couple weeks ago! So, that is pretty strenuous on me and makes me extremely worn out and anxious. We will see how it goes because I still have to write about 2 more minutes of work for the girls, plus fix some minor issues. Ah! I am sure my Dr. wouldn't be too fond of the idea that I am exerting so much energy toward this, but someone has to get it done...and I am not the type to just leave someone hanging. But dangit, I better get paid well for doing all of it! :) We shall

On that note, keep your fingers crossed that things continue to go well over here. A is growing like a weed and really starting to get words out correctly and repeat most everything you say! I am loving it. What I am not loving is when he gets mad at me and decides he is going to hit me upside the head. We did our first time-out the other night, only for about 30 seconds, but I think it was long enough to have an effect on him. I didn't know what else to do after he threw a fit and then threw a large toy across the room at me. He didn't like having to sit in a chair and not move for a bit. I think I made my point with that.

So, we trudge on :) Life is hectic and flying by like crazy over here. We are excited for this little one's arrival, but again a little anxious/nervous. I am a little nervous about how big brother is going to react, but I know it will all work out in the end.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This crazy, crazy life

Life has been crazy here. I am now in week 31 of my pregnancy...and things seem to be going well. However, I am a little anxious right now since my son A was born at 34 weeks 5days. It would be really nice if my body could hold out at least until 37 weeks! :)

I definitely don't have the swelling that I did with A at this time. Which I assume to be a pretty positive sign for me! Maybe due to the fact that A keeps me on my toes and we are constantly go, go, go!

We still have a lot that needs to be accomplished before this little guy gets here! We don't have a dresser for him yet, we still need to increase our cloth diaper stash, need to get some other minor things. We have lots of clothes from A that I need to rewash just to make sure they are nice and fresh, but I don't want to do that until we have a dresser to put them in after they are washed. Hoping that we can order our dresser this weekend or find one for a decent price somewhere. We shall see. Still so much to do it feels like!!

I haven't blogged in forever. We no longer have a computer in our house since our office is now another nursery. We are hoping that we can eventually sell our desktop and get a decent laptop that doesn't require much space! This would explain why I haven't been able to blog in a few months.

And again, the nerves are really starting to set in with the anticipation of this little guy. Not sure how A is going to react to a little one in the house. He is attached to mommy and daddy's hip right now. Which could make things really hard when his little brother actually gets here. I know there will be an adjustment phase and I am hoping that it goes smoothly lol. I guess we will see!

I am sure my next update probably won't be until after the little guy gets here, so until then!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Slacker

Yea....that's me. I am slacking, majorly. It's been two months since I last posted. And in that last post I informed you that we were expecting baby #2. I am extremely happy to say that all is going well so far! I am now at 22 weeks and found out a couple weeks ago that A will be getting a little brother :) They will be around 22 months apart which should be a nice age for them to bond pretty well. At least I am hoping! Chaos will soon begin around our household! :)

Aiden has been super clingy lately, which is fine, but makes me a little worried about what will happen when baby #2 gets here. Momma's hands are going to be full! But he just gets more and more fun every day. We are learning new words and pointing things out and getting excited when we get to go to grandma and grandpas or nana and papas! It is so great to see his little mind working so hard to figure things out :)

We are still thinking about names for this next one. Hubby has picked one out that he really likes and I think I really like it too, but I need to take some time and look at more names, just in case. We are also still debating about whether to put the baby in with A, or give them each their own seperate rooms. I know that A does better when he is in a room by himself, so we are leaning more toward the seperate rooms, but that is going to mean that we have to give up the office space where all of my sewing, scrapbooking, computer, files, etc are and I have no idea where they will go. Because we literally have no other rooms in our house for any of it to go. It will all work out in the end though, I'm sure.

And to make things a little bit more stressful...we are refinancing our house. It will help with our money situation a lot, which isn't bad, but also makes me stress out every time the bills come piling back in to our mailbox. It's never ending...

On that note...have a great rest of the week!! Hopefully it won't be another two months before I post again ;)