Friday, December 16, 2011

It's going to be a rough road...

An update on my big sister...

She had to be at UNC on Wednesday to meet with all of her Dr.s. They were at the hospital from 8 in the morning until almost 6:30 that night. They were informed that she would be having a tentative surgery date of January 6th (my birthday). However, she had to go back on Thursday to have minor surgery. They removed 6 lymph nodes underneath her left arm to test and see if the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes. We pray that it has not. This will determine what approach the Dr.s will have on her surgery date. They won't know these results until the 21st of Dec. So we wait again.

Really hoping they may decide to come home since her surgery isn't until January. It would be great to see them. And I am pretty sure it would probably be good for her too. Well, the whole family actually. I guess we will see.

On another note...I have almost made it through my first week back to work. It's been a little nervewrecking. Have called the sitter a couple times to check on my little guy. Had to inform them yesterday that he is only 7 weeks old, therefore still too little to be on a set schedule. They asked if I wanted them to keep him awake when the older kids woke up from nap. It's really hard to keep a newborn up when they are supposed to sleep quite a bit. I know...we had to do it to get him to remember that day time is for being awake (as much as a newborn is) and night time is for sleeping (somehow he got this mixed up last week...). So, the fact that I had to remind them of this, makes me a little nervous.

On the plus, Fridays are the day they spend most of the time with daddy and then grandma comes to watch them. Yay :) Really wish I could have a family member watch them all the time and not have to worry about a sitter watching them.

So, things are busy around here trying to get my Christmas shopping done...haven't even started wrapping anything. I am still waiting for a few things to come in that I ordered online. Still waiting on our family pictures that I ordered to get here. Everything seems to be on hold. We start family Christmas's this Sunday...yikes.

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