Thursday, October 29, 2009

25 Weeks Today!

I can't believe how fast time is going by! Pretty soon I will be in the double digits!! :) I am so excited about this whole experience. It has been absolutely fantastic. I think I have been pretty blessed feeling as good as I have.

Baby K's room is all painted!! I can't wait until we have our shower and can get everything else set up. We still need to get blinds and a new light fixture for the room, but other than that, we are set to go! I can't wait until all the baby stuff starts rolling in! I had been holding off on buying anything, but I think I am going to start shopping the sale racks for clothes (especially for next fall and winter). Of course, the one thing that hubby has already made sure the baby has, is a Colts warmup suit. Go figure :) Who knows, we might have a Super Bowl baby! lol.

I will post pics of the nursery as soon as I can. This week has been busy with getting things ready for Marching Band State Finals. I know that Saturday is going to be an emotional day for me and my Seniors. I started instructing them when they were just little freshmen :( They have grown so much in four years!

I still can't believe how fast time has gone. Here in the next few months we will be holding our son in our arms. Wow.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Most Amazing Experience

Hubby was finally able to feel our little peanut on Saturday!! We were waiting for the band to start heading to warm-up and Baby K started doing a little dance. So, I hurriedly opened my coat and had him stick his hand to my belly. At that exact moment, Baby K kicked a few times. Hubby's face lit up! You would have thought it was Christmas (he goes nuts for Christmas Day). His exact words "that is the coolest thing ever!!" It was so awesome for him to finally get to feel our little boy.

We don't see each other a whole lot, so times together are extra special right now. He is on vacay this week :) We picked out our paint for the nursery and he was going to start on it today! He is so excited about it too.

I think I am going to have a soccer player too by the way. I feel like he has already bruised one of my ribs from kicking. Especially since it's around the same area where he is normally kicking up a storm. I absolutely love the feeling though. It makes me smile every time I feel him kick.

On another note....our band is going to State Finals!!!! Yay!!! I am so proud of the kids for working so hard the past couple weeks. We were 2nd coming out of our Semi-State compared to the Top 20 bands in Indiana. Only 10 move on to State Finals. So exciting!!! One more week of practicing and perfecting what we already have!! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

23 week 5 day Appointment!

We had another Dr. appointment yesterday :) Everything went great. However, the nurse was concerned again that I had some sugar in my urine (could have been from that grape jelly I had for breakfast...), but my Dr. did not seem too concerned.

I am measuring right at 24 weeks, which is great because that means I am right on target! When my Dr. was searching for the heartbeat, Baby K decided he wanted nothing to do with that. He definitely tried to kick the doppler away a couple different times, but we finally got a good read and he has a nice strong heartbeat! He's gonna be a feisty little one ;)

Last night, the indigestion kicked in, and it was bad. It probably did not help that I did not get home until after 10 and then ate something (because I am always starving). I regret eating those spaghettios. I didn't think it was ever going to go away. Anyone have any suggestions on what foods you can eat that won't cause indigestion? I need all the advice I can get! :)

Lastly...I was going to go get the dreaded H1N1 shot yesterday at our local health department, but found out that people were getting there 3 hours in advance of when the clinic actually started, therefore by 2pm (when it was supposed to start) they were already out of all the vaccines they had. Over 500 people in line, but only 330 doses? That's all they were shipped. No telling when they will get more in. I was very leary of getting the vaccine, but after speaking with my Dr., he said that the risks of not getting the vaccine are much worse than getting the vaccine. Pregnant women are more susceptible to being hospitalized and the mortality rate is really flipping high. That definitely scares the sh*t out of me at this point. I just wish they were getting more of the vaccine out there. Well, hopefully I will get it one of these days, sooner than later.

That's all I have right now. Oh, the band made it to Semi-State after Regionals last weekend! So, hopefully there will be a whole other week of practicing for State after this weekend! The kids are really working hard right now! Until next time!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Name Wars...

Okay...I have to vent. I am a little perterbed at the moment with one of hubby's cousins. Hubby and I have had a name picked out pretty much since we were married for a boy. So, as luck would have it, we are being blessed with a boy. Well, I have the joy of finding out through FB that a cousin, who is not due until March (mid-late) has decided to use the exact same name as us. Upon mentioning the fact that hubby and I had decided on that name also, I am basically told that they will not be changing the name, with a nice little non-chalant "sorry Meg".

Call me a bitch and a little selfish, but I'm ticked. I guess the good thing is that our little bundle of joy will be born at least a month ahead of theirs. Really, I did not think we were going to have to worry about something like this. Lucky me huh?? So...any suggestions? Because the name we have picked out hubby and I have been set on FOREVER. I mean, 3 years, seriously.

Need I say more?? Other than, we worked our asses off to get pregnant, literally, and they get an "oops! now we need to get married sooner". Yea, I'm a bitch, I know :) lol. But it's justified right??

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update!! :)

I am really slacking in the posting department!! So sorry about that!! Things are moving along so fast around here and I have been so incredibly busy, it's been crazy!

I began a new job on October 1 with the same agency that I have been with since May of 2006. It has been ridiculous! It's a brand new program so therefore we have been bombarded with phone calls to get people in to determine their eligibility. It's a great program, but when people hear "free" money, they come out of the woodwork.

So, not only have I started this new job, but marching band has taken over my life outside of my normal work week. We are practicing at least 3 nights a week now and we are getting into the final weeks, which are usually the most intense since we have to cram changes in so quickly. I feel like my time is literally flying by!!

I have another Dr. appointment on Tuesday morning :) I will be getting close to 24 weeks! Which means, I will have to do a glucose test before too long. I am getting bigger, finally :) lol. I have noticed within the past week or so a difference. And...he is kicking. They are getting stronger, but you can't always feel them from the outside just yet. Every so often I can, but hubby has yet to be able to feel them. I can't wait for that day! Hopefully here before too long!

We finally started to register a couple weeks ago. We spent an hour and a half in B.ab.ies R. U.s and only got through maybe half of the store. We still have so much to register for and I have no idea when we are going to finish!! I would really like to finish soon, but with hubby on 2nds, we can't go through the week. I also would really like for us to take some classes through the hospital so that we are a little more prepared for this baby to come :) however, I have no idea when we are going to have time to do that! I really want to take the breastfeeding class, so i am thinking that will have to be done on my own. Ah!

Well, need to get back to my busy crazy job! Will update again soon!!