Monday, February 13, 2012

Helping out Family!'s been a while again. But I'm back with kind of a plea! If any of you remember Bon, from I Can Haz Bebe?, or even if you don't, they are trying desperately to complete their family. Back in 2010, they adopted a little girl, and are now trying to bring home twins in March. They amount they have left to raise is for their travelling expenses. I believe it's about $3000. This week, they have been selected to be the feature family at Please go and check out their story and while you are there, click on over to their video! Anything you can give will help them get that much closer to bringing home their twins in March! Thank you!!

And an update on my sister...she is doing great! She had her surgery back on January 6th and they felt that they were able to get everything with the double mastectomy. She has been going back pretty much on a weekly basis for the reconstruction. She will begin Chemotherapy in March and will go through 4 rounds of treatment. She is doing very well! So happy to report that :)