Wednesday, September 28, 2011

33 Weeks

I am 33 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. I am slowly starting to get a little bit nervous/anxious. When I was pregnant with A, right about now was when my blood pressure started to get high and I started to spill protein. I also looked like a big balloon with huge swollen cankles, swollen face and fingers, etc. It was not a pretty sight.

Things seem to be looking much more positive this time around :) I had a bit of a scare about 2 weeks ago with lots of cramping and contracting, but I am pretty sure that I was just a bit dehydrated. They went ahead and gave me some to take as needed. I have only had to take it twice at this point, which is a fantastic thing. Not much swelling hardly at all. Just enough to where I can't really wear my wedding ring now and my shoes are starting to feel a little snug, but other than that, all is looking great in that department! I go back to see my Dr. tomorrow.

I had an interesting/scary dream last night. It was about my Dr. visit. I dreamed that I had went to see him, but right before I did, I had started to notice some bleeding after I had went to the bathroom. So, when he started to check me, he immediately got a worried look on his face. I was in labor and needed to be admitted...yes, I'm a little nervous lol. But it was just a dream, thankfully.

I feel like I probably should start to take it a little easier, but I have been teaching colorguard again and we are getting ready to go in to District contest this weekend and I had to write a whole lot of work to make sure we get a big chunk on the field to end the show with. Even though I am not supposed to be the one writing the work. Had I known sooner that I would end up having to, it would have been written a couple weeks ago! So, that is pretty strenuous on me and makes me extremely worn out and anxious. We will see how it goes because I still have to write about 2 more minutes of work for the girls, plus fix some minor issues. Ah! I am sure my Dr. wouldn't be too fond of the idea that I am exerting so much energy toward this, but someone has to get it done...and I am not the type to just leave someone hanging. But dangit, I better get paid well for doing all of it! :) We shall

On that note, keep your fingers crossed that things continue to go well over here. A is growing like a weed and really starting to get words out correctly and repeat most everything you say! I am loving it. What I am not loving is when he gets mad at me and decides he is going to hit me upside the head. We did our first time-out the other night, only for about 30 seconds, but I think it was long enough to have an effect on him. I didn't know what else to do after he threw a fit and then threw a large toy across the room at me. He didn't like having to sit in a chair and not move for a bit. I think I made my point with that.

So, we trudge on :) Life is hectic and flying by like crazy over here. We are excited for this little one's arrival, but again a little anxious/nervous. I am a little nervous about how big brother is going to react, but I know it will all work out in the end.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This crazy, crazy life

Life has been crazy here. I am now in week 31 of my pregnancy...and things seem to be going well. However, I am a little anxious right now since my son A was born at 34 weeks 5days. It would be really nice if my body could hold out at least until 37 weeks! :)

I definitely don't have the swelling that I did with A at this time. Which I assume to be a pretty positive sign for me! Maybe due to the fact that A keeps me on my toes and we are constantly go, go, go!

We still have a lot that needs to be accomplished before this little guy gets here! We don't have a dresser for him yet, we still need to increase our cloth diaper stash, need to get some other minor things. We have lots of clothes from A that I need to rewash just to make sure they are nice and fresh, but I don't want to do that until we have a dresser to put them in after they are washed. Hoping that we can order our dresser this weekend or find one for a decent price somewhere. We shall see. Still so much to do it feels like!!

I haven't blogged in forever. We no longer have a computer in our house since our office is now another nursery. We are hoping that we can eventually sell our desktop and get a decent laptop that doesn't require much space! This would explain why I haven't been able to blog in a few months.

And again, the nerves are really starting to set in with the anticipation of this little guy. Not sure how A is going to react to a little one in the house. He is attached to mommy and daddy's hip right now. Which could make things really hard when his little brother actually gets here. I know there will be an adjustment phase and I am hoping that it goes smoothly lol. I guess we will see!

I am sure my next update probably won't be until after the little guy gets here, so until then!