Monday, October 27, 2008

The Day From Hell

Oh yes, that's right, it was THE day from Hell. I kid not. My morning went pretty well, but then it all went downhill after lunch. You know how I said that I would comment when I could throughout the day?? Yeah, there was no time! At all!! Let me fill you in...
I had an appointment set with a family from one of the shelters. This is a single mother with 4 children under the age of 5 (with a set of twins...the oldest two are a boy and girl). She is exactly one year younger than I ( the ironic). Well...I had been kind of dreading this appointment because we were going to have all 4 kids with us (I love working with families mind please keep that in mind as you read). And oh the horror stories of these kids and their mother. Well, it doesnt help that her form of punishment is to scream and cuss at them at the top of her lungs. Uh huh, thats right.
Well....Mother went in to an agency and should have been right back. 20 minutes later...still no mom. Kids were getting restless in the car and wanted out of seats (understandable). This is when I started getting called a bitch, dick, and booby by the 3 year old. Let me repeat that, a 3 year old. Hmm....wonder where he heard that?? The next thing I know, the 4 year old is jumping out of the car and running into the parking lot. And I chase, with the other 3 in the car. I literally had to call one of my coworkers to come for reinforcement!! I could not handle the wild children by myself!!!

This is really sad. And it makes me very sad that these kids have not been taught any differently. As for the name calling...they heard it from their "father" who called their mother that. I know you cant fault the kids...but I had a massive headache when the afternoon was over. The simple fact that they do not listen to anything, even with bribes, is not good. I wanted to pull out my hair!!!

Okay...done venting. Here are some wonderful pictures I said I would post!
Yay for personalized cards. I think almost all of them were in tears after this :) Which brought a tear to my eye. I made sure to tell them how special each one of them are and the great qualities they bring to the guard.
She loved it so much she was in tears :) Not really...she is just making a happy/sad face. If that makes They were very appreciative.
See...super excited! They were so excited they didnt even realize there was something else in the bag! :) I got them fun halloween socks too. Then I was bombarded with hugs. Oh yes...the new nickname is "Momma Megs". Haha!

The End to a Wonderful Weekend!

The weekend is over and it is now Monday. I was going to post last night and try to get caught up on commenting, but I was pooped!! I pretty much just crashed when we got home! Other than doing the several loads of laundry that must be done when we get home :)

So a rundown of the weekend :) It was great I must add! We had Semi-State on Saturday. My girls had the best performance they have had all season I believe! The band had some issues, but nothing NP Marching Vikings will be performing at State Finals this Saturday in the brand new Stadium!! Yay!! It's going to be an awesome day! It was a little bit windy and chilly on Saturday, but the girls pushed through and proved what they are capable of.

Camping was nice...other than I left saturday morning at 8:30 and was gone the entire day until about 10pm. So, I at least enjoyed some of the camping. We took an almost 4 mile walk on Sunday before lunch, which was kind of crazy, but the dogs were nice and worn out when we were done. Blaze slept the whole way home and then went straight to the couch and didnt move until bedtime, when he made his way to the bed :) He was exhausted. As of 7:30 this morning (when I left for work) he hadnt been out to potty since probably 4pm yesterday. So he is definitely pooped! It's fabulous the effects camping has on the dogs! :)

By the way...It was really nice to come back to lots of comments!! Thank you all so much! I will be working on getting my commenting done throughout today when I get an opportunity! Lots going on this week to prepare for State Finals! I will post some pictures of my girls reactions when I gave them their bears when I get home this evening. It was priceless!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Confession Must be Made

Yes, I will be MIA for the next couple of days. Right in the middle of ICLW! What the heck, right?? Yeah...totally forgot we were going camping this weekend! I am definitely excited about it though. Im ready to somewhat get away for a weekend. It will be wonderful camping weather with a nice fire to cuddle up to at night :) And lots of blankets to snuggle up under too!

And tomorrow is Semi-State for NP marching Vikings! Whoo hoo!! It should be a really interesting day! Tomorrow is the contest that decides who gets to go to State Finals at Lucas Oil Stadium! Im pretty excited about it, because we are in a really good spot going into tomorrow. I just hope the girls remember everything that we have worked on cleaning this week!

This was short and sweet, but I will try to post a good one when I get back home on Sunday evening. Oh...a plus...hubby is on vacation all week next week!!! Pretty excited about that!

Oh yes...the girls absolutely loved their bears!! They were so excited some of them were actually crying :) Yay! lol

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still Waiting for My Turn

As another pregnancy announcement hits us right square in the face, I am still waiting for my turn. When is it going to happen for us??? It would be great if we could get that answer soon. Hello?? Anyone?? (Is this mic on??)

So we attended hubby's grandpa's funeral today. Yes, it was not the greatest day, but hubby did very well. Much better than I thought he would. Im thinking it still hasnt set in that his grandpa is really gone. Im not sure.

We arrived back home about 3 this afternoon after spending most of the day with family only to receive a phone call from MIL about an hour later. Im just glad that I didnt answer the phone. Hubby came in and said, "that was mom"
Me: "What did she want?"
DH: "She wanted to tell us that someone is going to be a grandma"
Me: Thinking to myself...WTF!!!! Not another one!! Because I dont know if I can handle this. "So, who is it?"
DH: "P. K just told her when she got home this afternoon."
Me: Silence. of course I have a problem with this. This couple was supposed to be married a year ago this past September and the wedding was put off. Rescheduled for May. Nothing was ever said and May came and went. So we are now in October and she is 3 months pregnant. Oh yeah, they arent even living together anymore. She wanted to "make it on her own". Really? Okay, that's fine, whatever you feel compelled to do. I just dont get it. He moved back in with his mom. Im a little confused at this point. Also perterbed.

This was not a good night.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drum Roll Please....

So I said that I would show you my project that I have been working here it is :) Without further ado....

My mother and I have actually been working on these. I will be giving them to the girls on Thursday after practice. So they have their uniform, makeup, eyelashes, and airblade. Only 4 of them have the airblade because that's all that spin them, the other two will have a flag, which is still being worked on. This is the second year that I have done these. The girls loved them last year and were wanting to know if they were going to get them again this year :) so they will be surprised when they get them Thursday.

I copied the idea from my Senior year of high school. My mom and a couple other guard moms did the same thing for us that year and I thought it was really neat. I think it's a really great way to help remember the season :) Im excited!


I will be at the funeral home most of the day today. Hubby and I have to be there around 2 and will be there until after 8 Im sure. Hubby says he is alright. He is just glad his grandpa is no longer suffering. However, he has to be a Paulbearer, so Im not really sure how that is going to work out. But I will be there for him :)

Tomorrow is the funeral. It will probably be another long day filled with lots of people I dont know. Hubby says he probably wont know most of them either. His grandpa has lots of brothers and sisters...

On a happier note...the NP Marching Vikings are headed to Semi-State this Saturday! Whoo hoo! They had an excellent performance this past weekend and it showed with the judges who placed them in 1st!!!! Yay!!! They were up against 16 other bands and only 10 total were able to move on to Semi-State. So, yes, it was an excellent day! I will post the link for the video as soon as one is posted on the website. It will only be a portion of the show, but it will be a nice little glimpse. I am so proud of my girls for doing so well!

I am working on a special project for them. I took a picture of it last night, so I will post that later this evening. (Im at the office right now) They will be receiving them on Thursday evening after practice :) Can't wait!

Today is the start of ICLW. Im going to do much better this time and make all of my comments because I know how much I enjoy hearing from others on my blog :) So, thanks to everyone for all of the comments!!! I look forward to them this week!

Friday, October 17, 2008

One Thing After Another

Today has not been the greatest of days. I woke up this morning with even more cramping, therefore, popping one of my painkillers, calling the office, and sleeping til noon. I honestly do not enjoy this. I do not enjoy havning to give myself a painkiller just to suffice the pain for a measily 3 hours. Yeah, that's it. However, I at least can get some rest during this time. I do have an abundance of sick days at work though, so I dont feel quite so bad :) I mean, they start getting taken away if I get too you gotta use them sometime. Right?

On another note...DH's grandpa (his mom's dad) has been in the hospital since Thursday of last week, so over a week now. We received a phone call this morning from DH's mom saying they were at the hospital and had been there since 3am and Grandpa is not doing well. So, around 330 this afternoon I call my MIL to see how he is doing. She informs me that they are only giving him a few hours. I receive a phone call around 7 this evening saying he has passed away. Im not really sure how hubby is taking this. He is at work for another 30 minutes or so. I talked to him on the phone and I could tell he was upset. Hubby has never lost anyone in his family until now. (I lost both of my grandfathers within 1 year...about 7 years ago...both to cancer) Maybe he will do much better than I ever did. Im not really sure. He doesnt talk about his feelings much at all and I dont want to push it. I just hope he opens up to me.

The next few days are going to be busy...hopefully I will have time to breathe.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

CD 28...Oh But Wait...

Damn you Aunt Flo!!!!!! Why cant you just leave me be!!! So, today is still CD 28 because I didnt start my period until around 8pm tonight, while at band practice...and oh what cramps! Why do they have to just hit me like a freight train? What is the purpose of that?

So I was told by the doctor's office that if you start later in the evening you are supposed to count the next day as CD1, what has everyone else been told? Just curious. That could be a really stupid question, but again, Im curious.

This weekend is Regionals for the state of Indiana high school marching bands. It's a big weekend. It used to be the day that the top bands in the state were chosen to move on to State Finals...until this year. They added a week to include a Semi-State contest where about 20 bands will compete for the top 10 spots for State Finals. Semi-state will mix the north and south bands together for the first time all season and we will truly have the top 10 bands in the state at State Finals in Lucas Oil Stadium. Im pretty excited...because North Posey is ranked #2 in the state right now in Class D. :) Yay!!

Im showing off my girls again :) They have made me so proud this year!

Im really excited about how our season has gone so far. It's been wonderful and the girls have been great...mostly :) We all have our moments...and yeah, we are now pretty much all on the same cycle...which never fails. It amazes me how that happens. So, I will have several bitchy high school girls to deal with this weekend. :) Whoo hoo

On that note, it's waaay past my bedtime.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


There is one more. The third and final baby has arrived. Unless there is another one in the family I dont know about. I dont think so though. He was born sometime today, but I dont know the details. Im happy for them. She had been put on bedrest for the last few weeks and Im glad to hear that everything is alright.

Im still waiting for Aunt Flo to make her grand entrance...

Ive Been Tagged I never got to the one from last week and I just remembered it...however, I decided I will just do this one :) It's a little more personal and I like it.

The rules are to go to My Pictures on your computer and post the 4th photo in the 4th folder and explain what it is. So, here we go :)

This picture is from hubby's cousin A's wedding back in January. He was a groomsman in the wedding. Hubby's eyes look a little blurry here...there could have been some alcoholic beverages involved by this time ;). Nah! hehe. That's all I really got... just us with about a year and half of marriage behind us...and about the same for TTC. This was before I knew about my Endo.

Im tagging:

Mel at Life in a Holding Pattern, Nity at I Believe in Miracles, Sarah at Take It One Gigantic Earth-Shattering Crisis at a Time, and Faith at Mustard Seed Baby

Please dont feel like you have to do this, because there is definitely not any pressure. Just something fun and a little different!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CD 27

Anxiously awaiting Aunt Flo's arrival. Any day now Im sure she will come. It's just a matter of when and if I will be prepared. Or maybe, just maybe the whole no alcohol thing for hubby worked wonders. Not getting my hopes up.

So I spent some quality time with my mommy this evening. It was nice, we had dinner, we went to (rrrr...I hate the place), and then to M.ich.eal'.s. And she decides that it would be nice to inform me of how many people are pregnant at her place of work right now. Yeah, there are like 6 or 7 and she does not work in a huge corporation. What the crap? What is the point of telling me make me feel bad?? I dont think that was the reason...she really just doesnt know how to talk to me about my infertility and has definitely given some pretty bad advice...until the time I laid into her (it was one of those days...we all have them!). So Im not really sure what the point of this was...but it definitely doesnt help knowing that everybody and their brother are pregnant...but me. I mean really.

So as I was sitting here on the computer I decided to go and check on Blazer. This is where I found him on our bed. He has decided that he likes to roll the covers back on the bed and now apparantly rearrange the pillows for his comfort. It was too cute not to take a picture :) Monday was his birthday...and he was a big whopping 3 years old. If you look real close you can kind of see his new camoflauge collar that hubby insisted he have. Yes, he has a matching leash too. He also got some greenies. And a big huge stinky knuckle bone. He really isnt spoiled I swear ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008

2 Down, 1 more to go...

As I have mentioned previously...there will be 3 brand spankin new babies during the holidays this year. All of them, on different sides of the family. How crap-tastic will that be? Also, as I have said before, not so thrilled about two of them, but really happy for the 3rd (love you A and A).

So one of these babies was born over Labor Day weekend, the second one....born just the other day. I was just informed by my mother last night about the birth and then got my butt chewed out because I didnt ask if the baby was healthy. Hey, it was an automatic assumption that if nothing was said about complications, both mother and baby were healthy. And as previously stated...this is one of the pregnancies I was not so thrilled about. I hate to be that way, but this is a cousin who has had everything handed to her since birth (we are the same age), and has never had to work for anything in her life....hell, she just started paying for her own damn car a few months ago!! And this is baby #2...with a guy who we never even know if they are together or not. Rrrr!! It's just so damn frustrating!

I need to change topics... sorry about my lack of posting. Ive sucked something major for the past couple of weeks when it comes to posting and commenting. Life is crazy! We are getting into some heavy contests with marching band it's taking up most of my time. By the's a clip from this past saturday at District contest (where our score placed us in 1st place!) It was an awesome day for the kids...and us Directors :) Now on to Regionals next Saturday!

On the TTC front...hubby has made it to 30 days no alcohol! Whoo hoo! (that makes him sound like an alcoholic, I promise he is not) Im just really proud of him...he has had a lot of temptation to go out and drink with the guys from work, but has persevered! Yay! Today is CD 22 for me. We shall see how the rest of the time goes. I should know by the end of next week if Aunt Flo is coming for her monthly visit or not.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yes, I know, I havent posted since last week!! I really am sorry. Life has just been so crazy with the colorguard world that I havent had the opportunity to send out an update! Well, here it is. It really isnt much of anything, but it's something, just to let everyone know that I did not fall off the face of the earth. :)

So...not too much to report on the TTC front. I am at CD 13 at the present. I should be ovulating before too long. I havent been keeping track of my BBT at all...just having fun with hubby :). If nothing happens this cycle, then I will go back to tracking my BBT for next cycle. Im trying not to get my hopes up at all. This is just the first month that hubby hasnt had anything to drink at all, so we can hope for a good outcome, but again, not getting my hopes up too much.

The guard is doing very well! I didnt have the opportunity to take any pictures last week though. They have District this Saturday, which is one of the bigger contests to advance to Regionals...wish us luck! We are finally done with learning the flag work for our show too! Yay! :)

I was tagged for a meme...I shall do that later, I promise!

Other than that...not much else going on in my little world! Oh...please pray for one of my guard girls. We were at practice the other night and she ran to the bathroom to get sick. Her mother had to come pick her up from practice (she was not well enough to drive home) and apparantly she just got worse and was taken to the hospital. So I received a text from one of my junior girls saying that she was really worried about K. And of course, not knowing what was going on, I asked what was wrong. She proceeded to inform me that K has a cyst or something on her brain?? Please dont quote me...I dont know for sure. I hate second-hand information, but that's all I have right now. I will update as soon as I know something more. Just keep her in your prayers!! Thanks!